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Weapon awakening sense


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Is there any sense to awakening it further infernal? Cuz in my case, i will lost *musthave* blade dancer stats like crit, piercing and !focus recovery! for few extra dmg and accuracy. Seriously, wat's wrong with this game?





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" wat's wrong with this game? "

whats wrong with these stupid people here?

complaining about simple stuff, about RNG about all shit. you want all in your ass without anything to do?

want to complete the game in 3 days?


for your "problem". you will loose crit/pierce (that should be around 1-1.5% crit rate, so NOTHING comparing to the ATTACK you get)

you get profane BUFF -> 12sec every sec 3 chi!


just inform youself before posting shit.




oh and btw, you will get crit/pierce again if you get siren weapon

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 keep upgrading them, the weapon eventually in later patches, and at max upgrade you will break down into a Pirate Soul, which goes into the 'Soul' slot in your equipment, and you replace it with a weapon you can upgrade into a legendary one.  same with the Hongmoon jewellery, ring, neck and earrings 

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