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New RNG Box in Shop!

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Despite an overwhelming opposition, they put them in anyway.  This is turning into a cash grab very quickly.

Not worth it, RNG boxes never really are. It pains me to see NC already taking the RNG box route. If I want to buy something from the shop, I want a set price.

Dear NCSOFT, Despite the outcry's of people asking you to not put costumes in rng boxes and that they would pay a HIGH price for certain costumes... you still put it in an RNG box. You cannot tel

2 minutes ago, GnatB said:


Was about to say.  People like the OP are why we can't have nice things.

What about these RNG boxes keep your from playing/enjoying the game? If you want a game based around making your char look nice then go play one of those shopping games. RNG boxes don't HINDER you at all, just like not having Premium doesn't hinder you.

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All I know is that: for me? Any costume or anything else in the cash shop thats in an RNG box, I won't buy it. Every new RNG box is new incentive for me not to purchase more NCoin, and not to spend more than what I already have. I'll save it for things where I can just buy the thing I want up front without hassle.

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1 minute ago, Vyshan said:

Screw political correctness. I have NO problems calling a retard a retard, just like I call an apple an apple.

That doesn't make sense, if they aren't retarded by medical standards what makes them a retard other than you personal feelings/bias that you think they must be handicapped for buying something they wanted? :P

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Bash me or not but some of u dont get business.


If they sell that outfit on the store as is they will lose money over having u buy rng boxes.  Its not greed its business.  Numbers show that rng boxes push out more money than selling the item out front.  Think of your favorite place to eat.  Now order something u havent had.   Next least say u Dont pay of it.   Now lets say everyone doenst pay for any of the food in the place.  What happens.  NO MONEY NO FOOD.  Now put that into the game.  NO MONEY NO GAME.  What game runs off of no source of money flow?   


Now i dont want to do this but those of u who started playing this game for the name of the game the history of the game and whatever of the game u should continue doing so but if u are letting this rng box smashcrash get to u then u really dont like this game.  The game is a f2p game.  The key to it is f2p.  It comes with many f2p elements of getting income so it can keep running.  In beta they only pushed getting a founders pack to get in beta, not once did they truly push getting premium during beta and they never really pushed the store in the beta either.  Know what forget about it.  Some of u will get and and some wont and some will get it and still complain.  Ill buy stuff off the store but im not going to complain when something is on it that i cant get cuz its behind an rng box.  If u dont want rng boxes go play a game that doesnt have them like WoW but then u have to pay each month and deal with the crap thats in it.  Shoot go play Swtor if u really want something thats bull. shoot that game is rng and then some.  Just leave since u dont understand the business thats f2p.


Now i wait for the hate and the pokes at how bad i am in other crap.  Then they wonder why Blizzard was even thinking about making WoW f2p.

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9 hours ago, CosmicGlitter said:

( At least in Tera the costumes or boxes they came in were tradeable, I'll give them that. ). 


To me, that makes all the difference.  I hear this game will have a currency exchange...that's cool, but I won't have any need for a lot of gold if I can't use it to buy outfits that other people got from gambling boxes. 

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BTW to all the new players and the people who dont really get why so many players seem oppososed to the idea of RNG boxes, the reddit has a thread that explains it very well. I will quote them so hopefully more get aware how scary RNG boxes are for F2P games and how they can ruin the game.




A while ago TERA's publishers flat out said that they kept adding more and more RNG boxes to their store -because- everyone bought loads of them. They were super successful. People spending 300 euros to get ONE costume due to the low chance. If people splash out on these boxes to try and get that RNG outfit, NCSoft will think it's okay and will release LOTS MORE OUTFITS IN RNG BOXES ONLY.

This shit has to stop. This is the fastest way to drive me away from this game, if they start locking cool stuff behind RNG. I urge every player to vote with your wallet and DO NOT BUY THIS. You do not need that specific coat anyway.



Mostly a slippery slope mentality. Today, it's a single costume. If it proves wildly successful, it'll be a costume each month. Then it'll be 4-5 costumes of a certain theme each month, then it's throwbacks to ones you might have missed. All possible to get via a gamble, locked to single character no trading.

In half a year's time, they've stopped adding quest reward costumes, and you can't even get a costume you might like out of the store for $15 (and everyone complaining about that cost now would be begging to have it back.) You instead have to buy a bunch of boxes at 5/10/whatever a pop in the hopes that you get what you want, which might be from a 1-5% chance.

I went through this with Dota. The last compendium I bought I spent about 80 dollars trying to get the rare outfit for the hero I liked, and didn't. At that point, I decided I was done with supporting random chests in that game, because someone arbitrarily decided that the hero I happen to like most should be the hardest one to get. So long as they provide the buy it for a nominal price instead of gambling option it's fine, but locking it to purely random chance is infuriating.



And for most players that have played a F2P game that added RNG boxxes you probaly experienced the same, how every new content tends to get locked behind boxxes with a super low %, cause even if only 1% buys them (Probaly the ones who are addicted to gambling or has easy tendensies to be so) will spend more money than the 99%. Ive seen this shit to many times. A few examles


BF Heroes

APB Realoded


Tera Online


It always starts the same way and always end with ruining the game for most of the playerbase (not from the companies veiw, cause again the 1% is spending more money on boxes, than the 99% others do on anything else)



Link to reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/44131b/so_what_happened_to_no_rng_boxes/


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5 minutes ago, dascorp said:

Echo Of Souls, nightmare all over again.  That game is dead... and it has lots of rng boxes......

Anything by Perfect World Entertainment, RNG boxes galore and P2W weapons in them, majority of their games (especially Jade Dynasty/PWI) have been out since I was in Elementary school which is 10+ years (I'm 22). Just because you can name some games that failed with RNG boxes doesn't mean all with 'em fail.

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Well, look at the bright side of those boxes:


They contain tradable Cinderlands/Moonwater Brilliant Keys.

Those are now 15 silver / 2.5g on the market (EU).


Say goodbye to RNG in dungeons, say hello to RNG in cash shop.

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22 keys, 16 charms, 12 Naryu coins, 1 infernal horn, 1 inv expansion box, 1 moonwater key, 19 soulstones, 2 element of luck, 1 lucky jewel.


Pretty RNG as expected. Someone on faction got their coat with 6 figured I would too, big ol' nope train. Good luck.

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