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Question to Blade Dancers


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It depends on the person playing mainly.

I have totally destroyed players on all classes and have been totally destroyed by all classes as well.

But in terms of annoying matches I would say any ranged class Summoner/Force Master/(Soon to be Warlock?).

Something about having to chase somebody down while they range attack you is just annoying to me.

Depending on peoples play style the next class that bugs me is Assassin.

NOT all Assassins, just the ones that kite you 100% of the match.

Not that they aren't beatable but the overall play style annoys me.


I also hate playing against other BD because even though I don't own any specific combo it feels like people copy the same combo I use on them :P


I forget my score but it's mid-upper gold.

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49 minutes ago, Lishk said:

Sooo.. I'm just curious what's the worst matchup in 1vs1 for you guys. Could you also say what's the most annoing thing in this matchup?

I would really appreciate if you also write what's your ELO/rank.



FM is my bane - honestly think this is the hardest match up for BD if the FM plays correctly.


Reason I say FM and not SMN is that once you get your targeting down SMN becomes much easier to manage.


Would have to double check but:

Highest: ~2010

Current: ~1850



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I'm not much of a PvPer, as I'm very casual, but I do have fun with PvP. x)


I'm just a Silver with around 1575 points, but...  Here's my experiences with the classes thus far:


Force Masters

So much trouble, specifically with ice spammers, especially if I lose Focus from constantly spinning out of ice.  I eventually end up being pinned, and if they're smart, they stand behind me and never break my being snared.



Whether they be spinners, or infinite stun-grab combos, I just can't seem to break out of them.  I've only had a couple of matches against them, though, as I don't seem to run into them very often.



Probably due to me not keeping the cat knocked down, I usually end up getting killed by these guys so quickly.  I'm sure they wouldn't be so bad if I actually focused on the game more properly, though, by making sure the cat can't use movement skills, along with constantly being knocked over and kept away.


Blade Masters

Like, holy crap.  I fought this one guy, and he just constantly blocked all of my attacks, stunning me and placing their electrical field.  I'm sure I was just the perfect match-up for them, though, as I was in a attack-spam mood that day. xD



... I actually don't have too much of a problem with Assassins, personally.  With the ability to spin, and constantly being aware of their presence, (including their nametag for when I'm flashbanged,) I usually have a pretty great and even fight against these guys...  Unless they're Kite Assassins, where they constantly stealth and poison me, making me lose by running the clock, as all of their DOTs pretty much determine the fight.  That's fine and all, it always works for them, but it's just so...  Boring. xD


Blade Dancers

They've always been even fights for me.  There was once a Blade Dancer that constantly parried me, but after studying how he played in Round 1, I found I had an easier time fight him.


Kung-Fu Masters

Pretty much the same as Blade Master, only this time they constantly stun you and counter you, and kick you constantly.  Highly advise escapes against these guys... xD


- - - - -


... All in all, I'd say the worst match-up would have to be ranged attackers, indeed.  Blade Dancers feel very quick and mobile, but when it comes to In-Combat footwork...  I feel so sluggish.  We only have, like, two or three movement skills with super long cooldowns at our disposal--  And that entirely depends on your setup.

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26-11 at 1687 right now.



Seems to be the biggest trouble I have, as I haven't met any til mid gold range, and when I finally did, I didn't understand their mechanics. Too much kiting, freezing, grabbing.



Good assassins who can combo well with chain stuns into air combos seemed to be the only other class I've lost against so far.


At the end of the day, PING

Ping seriously seems to be what's killing me more than anything else though. In the said above examples, half my losses were due to bad ping on their end or something. As half my catches (with "F" knock up showing) and stuns/dazes that connected on my screen -- as I go in with knock up animation, my screen changes into me being comboed some how. Or the fact that even tho on my screen they're clearly CC'd without escape breaks, they just seem to walk it off lol. I'm not sure if many of you deal with ping problems, but it's something I encountered in the last few days, would love to get any other BD's opinion on this, as BDs are heavily Ping reliant.


As others have stated, summoners are okay once you get targeting down. Just go in hard on the summoner itself, cc and ss/q/e the cat to bypass it. If you're specced for air combos, you should have 3-4 dazes/stuns. Break their first escape and the next combo will do at least 50% damage.

Most assassins are just spin to win and catch them when they go in, if they aren't lagging, they should be easily cc'd and done with.

KFM and Destros are a game of timing I feel. KFMs - not sure what their kit is, but as long as you got parry/z specced and timed well, I haven't had much problem. Just about catching them and not getting countered. Destros - 'you spin i spin' is what I learned. Spec it into the left side increase defense and move speed. Wait for them to spin before you do. Go in immediately once they finish and if you're timing is right, you should catch him. Be careful of blue destro's Anti-CC window, and red destro's bursting window. During this time, pop z and ss/spin away. These have long CDs, so if you can keep away til those are on CD, you'll be at a strong advantage.
BDs - Playing against fellow BDs so far has been easy. Same as destros, 'you spin i spin', 'you z, i z'. You always want them to go first, then pop yours a split second after, and during that frame that theirs drops and yours is there, go in for cc and you're good. Make sure you break their escape with grip first before popping your aerial into draw stance combo.

Assassins - for the most part, just keep spins up and they'll kill themselves as they have no real way of dealing with it. Spin2win - follow all stuns by aerial combos. I think the only one's who really destroyed me are ones who combo well, and somehow walk through my CCs. 

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For me... I haven't get matches on Blade Master, Destroyer or Kung-Fu Master in 1 vs 1 PVP yet. Matching is kind of odd once in a while.

But if I say in my view....


Summoners are the main source of my annoyance. I know most PVPers have troubles dealing with them, and I am happened to be one of them, unfortunately. While the cat is the main problem but the caster is an addition to the frustration. While the cat stuns, the casters can heal as well and giving damages. I have to stun the cat and deal with the summoner... well... still experimenting on tactics. So far, I haven't find a strong way to deal with them.


Force-Masters... Okay, to be frank, there were ups and downs and freezing is the most problematic. Having your movement speed reduced is somehow make things from bad to worst. I am not really want to complain or vent my frustration out but it is hard to get out of the ice. But I can't say since I only have three match-up with them and won one match by pure luck.


Assassins, yes, an annoyance, but not so bad as summoners. The thing is... you have to stun them, spin around or flip them into the air. Other than that, watch out for bombs or traps. I learnt my lessons too well in Pinchy boss fight. (somehow that includes accidentally killing one guy while he was doing chi restoration)


Blade Dancers... The best way to dash right at them and stun them... that being said, I do feel sorry for the two BDs some days ago. I may have wrecked them a little too harshly with a lot of combos made. Lightning blade can be quite painful if you know how to use it properly, same goes for air flip combination. Despite the low defense they have, they are quite a fun class to play.


As for my scores... let just say I am just an average player with a 1400 score not a hard-core one. I have a pretty bad luck in matching.

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Harder matchups: FM (can disable your spin leaving you almost helpless if your Z is down [no counterplay until hongmoon skills]), DES (Instant burst damage can really chip at your lower hp pretty quickly, always have to be on your toes to get away from typhoon)


Even matchups: BD, KFM, SIN


Easy matchups: SUM, BM


DISCLAIMER: All of this is my opinion from personal experience.

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33 minutes ago, Shuchin said:

I really like this thread for how it shows how diverse perspective on arena can be, especially contrasted to the arena rank. Now I better hide, as I do not play a BD... XD


It really is. Low-mid tiers tend to think summoner is OP and FM is weak, while high tiers tend to think the opposite.

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Other blade dancers are super easy for me. Forcemasters are kinda 50/50, assassins are easy, blademasters are kinda 50/50 to kinda easy (though I haven't fought many of them), summoners completely murderize me right now (getting better each time I fight one), kungfu masters are a very very close 50/50, destroyers are kinda easy-ish.


It seems though the best strategy for me is being so aggressive that they don't have much time to react and/or they start panicking. I try not to give time to counter me and attack so aggressively that some of the people I've gone up against literally just stop trying (like they just stand there after awhile lol).

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