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FPS/Mini-freezes (Requesting FIX & sticky)


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I believe this is an issue many people have been facing recently.

The first day the game had started, everything felt smooth as hell, in terms of FPS at least. I was capped at 60 FPS, enjoyable combat, lovely effects, max settings, with no shadows or shadow quality because I do not enjoy pushing my rig for things I don`t even care about.

Progressively as mini-patches and hotfixes were coming by, performance was starting to drop...To the point that for the past 2 days, the games has been barely playable and absolutely unenjoyable. When I`m standing still, I`m at 60FPS with vSync. When anything happens nearby, any sort of combat or even when I try sprinting around I`m getting drop spikes that make my FPS get to 20-40 alongside with mini-freezes, even thought I have set everything but textures to low, disabled AA and all that type of stuff...

My rig is at least decent so I strongly doubt it`s due to my specs, especially when the game was playing smooth in the beginning.

Anyone that might have anything that could help out, let me know if you need any further info and thanks for your time.

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I have mini-freezes usually in open world my fps is normally 60-90 so its not really fps issue. But it does freeze for milisecond randomly doesn't have to be running or anything even just standing and turning camera does it. I tried tons of stuff that I read online (going fullscreen messed with settings) nothing works. It doesnt even really mattere if its lowest setting or highest settings its the same. 

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