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[PVP/PVE] Penalties of Dying


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I was ambushed three times by an opposing faction member while doing a Cerulean quest in "The Scorching Sands" :(

Needless to say, I died after 2 or 3 strikes (I play as summoner)... so I'd like to ask if there are other penalties in dying except for the decrease in weapon durability.


Specifically, what are penalties for dying in these scenarios?

1. Getting killed by PVE elements (like open world and dungeon monsters)

2. Open world PVP (like getting killed by an opposing clan player)

3. PVP arena (haven't been here though)


Thanks in advance for your answers :)



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8 minutes ago, Victorion said:

1. and 2.

There´s basically no penalties, other than your pride and durability on weapon. Respawning after death may reset a boss and disclude you from bidding on an item.



No penalties other than your rank.


I see, thanks for clarifying =)

On my profile > faction tab, I see contribution points and prestige points, and I thought they'll decrease if I get killed by another player... or worse, drop off an item in my inventory or lose some coins XD

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