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LMB/RMB mouse delay fix


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As long as you aren't using macros of some sort to automate game processes I don't see how using mouse software to remap your mouse buttons would be illegal when the game lets you do the exact same thing to a lesser degree.

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11 minutes ago, Keenslee said:

I'm planning to do this, why are they going to ban you or the one who will use this? Does Gameguard detects "BINDS" as well? In other MMO or games it's fine.


You never know. Many people getting crash/bans for synapse and stuff like that. The same reason applies to why some gameguard detects antiviruses as 3rd party software.

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GM xxxx Yesterday at 06:39


Thank you for contacting Blade and Soul Support Team.

We already checked this and we found out that using this kind of software is not sanctionable. However, NCSOFT does not support this kind of software.

If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us again.


GM xxxx
NCSOFT Support Team

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9 minutes ago, SkyTanFlying said:

what delay? how? do you have a vid or at least a comprehensive explanation.

im curious, didn't notice a delay. hmmm


From what I've read (I haven't noticed it myself) it's a very slight delay in comparison to using keyboard keys. If you rebind your mouse buttons to keyboard keys it supposedly flows just a tad better.

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