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[Settings bug] ClientConfiguration.xml resets to default with launch of Client


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My settings get reset to default with every launch.


I tried to monitor when and how the content of the ClientConfiguration.xml file in Documents (BnS\NCWEST) change:


Starting point: After closing the game my settings are still saved and it's all good.

  • I launch the NCSOFT NCLauncher
  • Log in
  • Hit Play Now
  • The launcher verifies the files (There is always an 85 Byte file which gets re-acquired)
  • It starts the Game Launcher (that little window)
  • The circular Blade & Soul icon comes up
  • =====Until this point the .xml file still had my previously personalized settings=====
  • But as soon as Blade & Soul (Client.exe) starts, the .xml file gets overwritten and reset to default values.


This has been happening to me ever since B&S is live.


I wonder if the issue lies within the game or my end.


My rig:


i7-2600 @3.40GHz (the non-k edition)

GX 750W power supply

Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 with latest beta drivers running in boost mode

8 GB RAM (2x 4 GB)

1440p display

64 bit WIN 10 Pro (Booting up from a Corsair Force GS SSD)

Game is installed on my SSD directly on the C drive

HDD: Hitachi HDS723020BLE640 (7200 rpm, 2TB) - I have my Documents folder on this drive

ASUS P8P67 LE motherboard


I would appreciate some help and advice if anything on my end could cause this issue to happen and persist.

And is there anyone else with this problem?




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