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Installation not moving


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I click on the installer, ran it as admin and not, go through the first couple pages of instructions and then when I get to the point with the progress bar, it does not move.


For an exact play-by-play, Ill do it as I'm typing this:


Ran the installer as Admin

Choose language as English

"extracted .msi and prepared to install" progress bar

InstallWizard start page, just hit 'next'

Terms and Conditions, clicked the 'I accept' radial button and hit 'next'

Installation location, left as default, and hit 'next'

Select features page, left as default and hit 'next'

Confirmation of installation page, hit 'next'

Setup status page with a progress bar, bar does not fill, description of current action is "Blade & Soul is configuring your new software installation."


I've went off and watched an entire episode of Gintama (~20 min) and their was still no progress or change in the bar. I am not sure what else to do, I will leave it running overnight to see if it is just an INCREDIBLY long process, but hopefully someone else will have had this issue and resolved it. I didn't see any other posts with this issue, but I was not really sure how to describe so my search term was probably too broad. I hope to hear from someone soon.

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