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BSOD when updating on first time install


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Are you running any Razer Services in the background?

It's been noticed that during download/install that if there are these programs at work it will flag and halt your download.  Make sure that they are disabled for the time being and make sure to check out the forum posting here...

There are a myriad of posts detailing both razer and asus related issues as well as many other ppl having problems that are unrelated to these.  Check thru the pages and hopefully there will be something that seems to hit on your issue w/o knowing your particulars it's kinda a generic fix but hey the less details the fewer options for solutions...

Try not to post on this particular forum topic if the Razer/Asus issues don't apply though, forum etiquette and all that (wish more ppl would observe that kind of thing), makes it harder to weed through the unrelated fodder as you will see. 

Good Luck to You,



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The Original Download does take quite a long time, as well as the install since this is a very large game.  Think WoW/Aion Sized there is quite a bit of Data.  Wish I could help more, mine in particular took several hours while I played other ones in the meantime and installed overnight while sleeping.  But there are several relevant posts regarding BSOD's during initial startup after the client install and first time run, I would def send in a post to NCSoft support or make an inquiry towards their fb/twitter support pages... Not saying this as they will get right on to fixing your issue (They seem to be a bit overloaded atm), but instead will be aware of it as a new problem and attempt to work towards a fix for you as well.


Good Luck!

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Hi there,

As a possible fix for your issue, please install the new NC Launcher

To install the NCSOFT Game Launcher, you can do so by downloading the installer from the link provided and save it to your

Desktop: http://launcher.patcher.ncsoft.com/NC-Launcher/NC-LauncherSetup.exe

1.Right-click on the nc-launchersetup.exe and select Run as Administrator.

2.Follow the prompts to install the program then short cut will be found.



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