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Another disconnection rant

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so.. i like this game, i really do.. i got premium and stuff. 


but after disconnect number 5 in a dungeon, just before killing the boss i just cba to log in a 6th time.. it''s just not worth the frustration and effort. 

so today is another one of a series that look like a forming trend, namely.. i'm starting to lose my hype.


anyway.. when do you guys reckon they fix this? i mean, the bots and the connection trouble.. it just seems like to much effort to put in for 15 seconds of fun.

i mean i got a lvl 38 character so i pretty much got my 35 bucks worth atm, hours/money -wise.. i feel like i'm losing incentive to log back in.




i'm salty over it. but i guess ill go play path of exile again? i poured about 2600 bucks into that game up to this point. worth it. wish i could say the same about this game.

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