Client Patch – 2/2/2016

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Starting on February 2 2:00 PM PST / February 2 10:00 PM UTC a new update will be released for all servers. Please restart and update the client in order for the changes to take place.


Below are the list of changes introduced within the update:

  • A new Spam Block list has been added alongside the regular Block list (F4)

    • You can add someone to this block list by using the new “Block spammer” contextual menu

      • This will block them but also automatically report them as a spammer

    • Unlike the regular block list, this will only block their chat and no other player interactions

    • This new block list has 200 slots

    • A “Delete All’ button has been added for easy management

    • The list will automatically clear itself when you return to the character selection screen

  • A “Delete All” button has also been added to the regular block list

  • A new chat spam prevention system has been added

    • It will automatically monitor the chat, detect and block any spam

    • It will take a few attempts for the spam to be picked up by the filer

    • Please note that this is an experimental feature. We have tested this extensively to make sure it doesn’t pick up normal chat, but if you are encountering any issues, you can return to the character selection screen to clear your spam block list

  • Implemented a preventive fix for the Razer Chroma crash issue which should help prevent crashes and disconnections when using a Razer device

    • We are still working directly with Razer to find a definitive fix for this issue

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