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FIX! Constant crashing every 10 or so minutes? (Razor Related Fix)


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I understand that there is already a fix that was posted by NCSoft on how to resolve a Razer related crash, however I found that after applying this "Fix" I could no longer start the game. This fix will obviously not solve everyone's problems, but it solved mine and so here it is.


First Option: Uninstall  Razer Chroma SDK Core Components by going into your control panel > Programs and Features.

This worked for me however was not really an option as I found it removed some of the functionality from my peripherals after I restarted my PC


Second Option:

Step 1 - Open your Task Manager

Step 2 - Go to the Services Tab

Step 3 - Click the Open Services button

Step 4 - Locate the Razer Chroma SDK Service and double click on it

Step 5 - Change the Startup type to Manual by clicking on the dropdown box beside the "Startup type:" Text. Then click apply

Step 6 - Make sure that in your task manager in the services tab that Razer Chroma SDK Service is running. If it isn't right click on it and click Start

Step 7 - Open Blade and soul and wait until you have reached the Character selection stage

Step 8 - Tab out and find the Razer Chroma SDK Service in your task manager. Right click on it, and click Stop




You should now (Hopefully) not experience crashes every 10 minutes. I also found that the random stuttering and FPS drops I was experiencing had also ceased.


I hope this was able to resolve any crashing related issues that you had. Also please be aware that you will have to do steps 6, 7 and 8 of option 2 every time you want to start blade and soul.

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