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Daily quest bug


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Hi all, I was doing my daily quest to kill the hermit crabs, in the first part of the quest, you must kill 50 hermit crabs, I did and everything was perfect, then when I had to do the second part, the problems started. In the second part I had to grab a weapon "the speargun", There are three specific areas that the quest marked you in the map, where you can grab the speargun, I went to three places marked on the map, but none of them I couldn't grab the speargun to kill the hermit crabs.


I would like you to fix this problem, so I tried to be as specific as possible, and I hope with this report this problem does not happen, again, and again, it is very uncomfortable you want to do a quest and you can not grab the item you need to end it.


By the way I play in the American server, Hajoon. This problem occurred me 10 minutes ago, I got tired of not being able to finish my quest and so I quite the game.


Ty so much for your attention :)

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