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Couple of questions for my BM


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Hi! I am a 1700ish elo newbie BM that still doesn't know jack shit about combos but i manage because my mechanics are pretty solid.

So,i would like to ask a few questions:
1)Does block count  as a "skill" that can be countered? I think i have my block countered by an enemy KFM multiple times,if so,does a block block another block(inception :D ).

2)The aerial combos are supposed to have 100% evasion,is it normal that sometime i get hit by summoners and FMs while i am executing them? I am pretty sure some cats have grappled me while i was doing them.Could someone clarify the 100% evasion?

3)How does "evade" work on KFM and Assassins? Its been many times that (i think) that i catch my opponent of guard with rush/shoulder charge/5pointstrike and they evade the first hit(s) and then went for resistance i-frames,and sometimes i hit assassins while stealthed just so they can evade my attack,can someone clarify me how those work?

4)Against destroyers (and KFMs) i usually play methodicly,trying to play when my cooldowns are up,so i usually go into draw stance and spam Q(my Q and E are reverse binded) and sometimes i dodge,sometimes it just wont start the animation and i get stunned before i can use it.What are the pre-requisites to use it? How can i ensure it will work?

5)Does raid work vs knocked down enemies?


P.S.: I know this is a bad patch for BM but i still find fun and manage to keep a "decently" positive record with BM,please no posts like "gg bm underpowered wait 50 patch " 




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Your block isn't an attack that would trigger KFM counter, but if you're ever in melee range of KFM do not block since it enables their triple kick which pierces defense and stuns you. 


You have 100% evasion while you are up in the air attacking, but there is a period between each aerial attack that you are vulnerable. 


For evade on KFM, watch for "Agility" on their buffs. They gain stacks of agility by iframing abilities with their SS and Q/E. If they get 3 stacks of agility, they gain 100% evasion and a big runspeed buff for 6 seconds. KFM can also spec for 1s of invulnerability after using Q/E, so remember to be patient after they use it. Assassins have 100% evade while doing their lotus dance (it's a multistrike thing kinda like 5-point) and 50% or something like that evade while in stealth.


Pre-req for Q/E is simply that you are in range of an opponent and have them targeted AFAIK. It could depend on your ping, but you should be able to reliably avoid gap closers by spamming Q or E before they initiate the animation. 


Do you mean to ask if Raid extends knockdowns for 2s? I'm fairly certain it does. That one is easy to test in PVE. 

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