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Disconnected in Arena Pvp And Cross Server dungeons


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Every time I join Arena PVP when round start I cant attack I cant use any skills can move only an the opponent can clearly hit me with no problem and after I die nothing happen character not 

re spawn again its stay on ground for like 3 min then game crash.

and the same issue when I join in cross server dungeons to.

its not my internet.

not firewall.

I can rune the game on normal quality very good.

I already sent a ticket to the support team with all the info they need including my PC info and they suggest  couple of things I can try but non of it helped.

I know its problem from the game because I disconnect only in PVP Arena and Cross server dungeons.

I'm so far lv 44 didn't ever get DC or crash doing the other stuffs.

so please fix that and if anybody have same problem either he got solution  for it or not replay here so they can take this issue seriously thanks.

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