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Fix the DAMN FPS!


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Right... day out and day in i see people having these kind of issues.



I've tried everything, belive me as i am a computer freak but especially a FPS Freak since i am also a FPS Gamer, FPS is EVERYTHING for me and playing this game on my KFM in group play, world bosses / WPVP is a freaking joke. 


Not much helps in task manager, computer cleaning, graphic setting changes, NOTHING, ZIP, NADA. 

Yes the game was made 4 years ago and runs better on older graphic cards but my PC SETUP (in signature) you can see details should not run less bad than a 4 years old PC.


WoW is 10 years old and runs 120+ FPS. 

I have a 144hz screen and when i can't even maintenance a 30+ fps in combat i basicaly use 1/4 of my screen as well..... 

Get to work................................ or i am out. 

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