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Weapon offering bug?


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So this pertains to the weapons that can be fed to lvl up and evolved.


I've noticed the fee offerings goes up as you use items that are in progressively high lvl areas (viridian<cinderlands<moonwater) and also progressively higher in quality (green<blue<purple<orange).


So in an attempt to get the most efficient "exp/offering fee" ratio I'm attempting to use cinderland weapons to feed my True Profane Sword. I've played on other region servers and I know this is done often with higher level evolve weapons using tomb of exile weapons and accessories as offerings (50 copper offerings for a purple exp vs 8 silver+ offerings for blue grade moonwater item).


(Possible) Bug:
As far as I understand we should be able to feed evolve items with any item of similar type (weapon/accesssory) as long as the evolve item requirement is within the offering item "advance" lvl range. So is this a bug or simply an adjustment that was made with feeding mechanics and the text for items weren't adjusted accordingly?

For example, my True Profrane Sword below has a lvl 42 requirement. 



I try feeding my weapon with an Sealed Iron Bangle and it won't let me -- the icon is grayed out and dragging it into the offering box makes the system say "Sealed Iron Bangle could not be used as an Offering".  Notice how the advance text says it should be a valid offering for any items requiring lvl 1-45. There are many similar results with weapons other than the sealed iron bangle. 



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