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[Guide] Mastering Lyn Bladedancer by Think

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hi guys,


know i have a ticket to get a level 50 character. i choose a bd.


for long time ago, i played a bd, but know i dont have any ideas what i have to do.


for pve ...

wind or lightning? which is better to have constant dmg?

my ping is not the best, so i have little laggs in combat.


which weapon i have to use? bale oder seraph?


can some help me with the start kombo? what i have to do in start of the fight?


i´m sorry, my englisch is not the best :)

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During the CBT I wrote a small guide on how to play the Lyn BD Class. Now with my experience being significantly higher, I can write an official guide to correct my old one and hopefully help out new

TLDR: Spin

ooooo nice! definitely bookmarking, bc right now my me vs. assassin skills consists of a lot of screaming and spastic combo smashing. :')))

23 hours ago, LadyLishia said:

Ok thanks.

https://bnstree.com/skills/blade-dancer?id=ByfGNZm1M is this a good build?


but how i start with wind? i have no experience with the wind build. i´m a noob ^^

Yo i am not pro wind bd but can help how to start as i also have lil wind bd alt :D

For start what you need is 3 things:

1.Hm z skill is a must

2.Legendery soulbage

3. And eternity soulbage(dont remember if name is corect will check when i come back home)

  Hm z wil let you use your f(roling typhoon) with 1 wind orb instead of 3 during its time.

  Soulbage lets you use your f during z skill without using rmb.

 Legendery soulbage lets you get more wind orbs per rmb.


during your Z skill it will be fff>rmb>FFF>rmb>fff (its your burts rotation)

After your z runs out you use 2( its decreese your z cooldown).

Also from skills 2 and x you get wind surge during it you get 1 more wind orb and your rotation with all items should be like this: rmb+F till surge runs out.

And when z is up use x+Z and then burst rotation.

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If you want consistent high damage I recommend going lightning.

Wind bd needs to ani-cancel properly to keep maintaining high-end dps.

However I do recommend you rather than "which ones better for you", to play what you want to play.

(wind bd and lightning bd both play quite differently so test them out)


For wind build you will need (must haves):

1. HM Z, RMB. (LMB is bonus)

2. Yellow(Eternity)/Purple (Alluvion) At least

3. Skyrift Mystic Badge


With these you will start to do good damage. Til then, lightning will easily beat you in dmg.


rotations and other questions ask me ingame as I dont check the forums too much: Mukaze

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Hi everybody o/


this is my first melee dd. i always played range dd´s, so i wanne try it :)

this guide is nice, but i´m from germany, for me it is a problem to read and understand so much text in english


so i have some questions.


i think the lightning build is the better one for pve, right?

can i use this skilltree? https://bnstree.com/skills/blade-dancer?b=0111111111211

or you have other ideas?


which waepon i choose? baleful or seraph?

which bracelet, which badge?


and how is a simple rotaion for beginners?

i want to learn to play a melee dd, but complicated rotaion overstrain me at the beginning.


so i want a gentle entry into the world of melee dd :D


i hope you guys can help me :)


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