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Clan Log(Suggestion)

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Hey guys , Just a quick suggestion I have in mind 

Wouldn't it be good if Leaders (and advisors if privileged) Have access to a feature called Clan Log - Which basically allows you to see who donated what and how much of it to the clan vault

so you can keep in mind the amounts of currency your clan mates donate while you're offline or not looking at the chat.

Would make things easier for the clan leaders and also It could show if a player has been inactive for like 3-7 days which could help large guild keep track of who is active and who not.


Thank you for your time in advance

-best Regards , Crashkings

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yea i think that would be great! i was thinking about the same idee like you!

i am an guild leader also and sometimes is so frustating for don't know who is donate and who not to guildbank.


I was also thinking about an option for leaders ,advisors and veterans from the clan can see for who logged in last time, like that they can see who is active in the clan and who not,

that could be verry handfull also, so i hope they could add this options to the game.


Best regards, Jenske

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