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What is your Least Favorite quest zone.


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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, out of curiosity i want to see what everyone's  least favorite game area is and why? i know that if your like me you must have had an area that you felt was either boring or the quests were tedious and grind orientated.


The area that i disliked the most is the Tomun Range the first area when you enter the cinderlands now ive played this game a few times through on different characters and have enjoyed a large range of areas but once i get to the blackram narrows i start dreading the the upcoming game content. The reasoning behind this is because there are not really any fun bosses or npcs to kill in this area and most of the quest plots are lame.




The Dark Glimpse: Firstly i wouldn't even consider this a boss more so a waiting simulator because the monsters spawn so slow sometimes when i do this boss i often party up just so i can sit in the middle of the room and afk for 10 minutes while it finishes.


Zombies, weird chime monster and possessed soldiers: So i am a lover of horror creatures you know vampires, Ghouls, zombies, etc but come on the monsters in this area were not even cool like the humanoid npcs why don't any of these creatures get move sets that are cool like having the zombies jump on you and start chomping down on you and you.


The purple color: Purple really? why not just make it swampy grey dark colors i mean thats what most horror movies have the purple area just makes me want to rush right through the area to change my screen back to normal.

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 Almost anything in the act 2 portion. The desert was about as exciting as a real desert with way to many quests that kept me killing the same mobs. I personally disliked the jungle area. All the ranged mobs spitting poison darts and the flowers that pulled me ensured that I couldn't move through there without having to stop and fight every few seconds. 

 I did like the tavern and most of the characters they introduced though.

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