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Don't worry, the admins are already working on it.

Gosh now i cannot play with my new skin  :(  

So far I'm dissapointed with the english launch. Game feels like second grade product. I can skip hilariously cheap voice acting in dialogues and I can stand inconsistencies in skill discriptions but lags and server crashes while charging money for premiums is really lame.


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38 minutes ago, Metronic said:

Lol, they can't be compared, coz they have to provide same services without the same tools, blizzard can afford best servers and more workers than NC, it's simple to understand. 
NC needs first to earn money to improve their games servers and get more workers, blizzard already have enough money to invest as much they want, and actually they just make comesmetic games to earn even more money instead of making good (and not rng based) games. 
And btw, call them by their real "new" name : Activision Blizzard , it's no more the old blizz who were trying to make real games with good gameplays and not just to make money.

Actually you call them: Blizzard Entertainment or Activision Blizzard. Doesn't really matter.

And Blizzard North was the best. Diablo 2. 

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