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PVP Video Guide for Forcemasters by Intro - Episode 3: Assassins!


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Hello there! 

As the time goes I have joined Imperial Network, and after that... the next video comes! I've spent few hours on this one, but compared to previous ones which took over 10 hours to finish because of unnecessary effects, it's good enough! For those familiar with my previous 2 videos, you might notice a slight change of style.

For new viewers, please take a look at my videos! If you're a Forcemaster, I'm pretty sure you can learn a thing or two - if you're not, you can still learn about our secret moves (11111111111?) :)

Anyways, here's the video:





It's best to watch it on fullscreen to clearly see all the text!


If you're looking for more Forcemaster content, be sure to check out these streams:





If you want to check out other classes, the best and coolest players are all gathered in our network at http://impbns.com



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