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Stuff to Do when out of Quests


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Hello all I have heard that its hard to level from 31 to 32 since a lot of people say they have done all their quests up to that point.

Thus far this game of Blade and Soul does not run out of quests, there are plenty to do.


There is the Main Story Line Quests [Yellow Arrows]

Side Quests [Blue Arrows]

Your Daily Quests [Blue Arrows with an infinite sign in it]

Dynamic Quests [With in certain Dungeons] 

Lastly Faction Daily Quests [Red Arrows with an infinite sign]


If you run out of quests to do, in which is nearly impossible thus far in the game [that I have seen]

Do your Daily Quests, you can even go backwards to other Regions [Viridian Coast, Cinderlands Ext... ] and do all of those.

I myself live on the West Coast of the USA and gathered that B&S runs from the East Coast time, 2 hours ahead of me.

Daily Quests Reset at about 4 am in the morning for me, where as on the East its 6 am.


If you happen to run out of those quests just grind it out on the Fields or in the Dungeons. For me its pretty simple since I myself have played ALOT of MMOs with the same type of Set Up.


Hope this helps alot of the community of B&S

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