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Error 4049 how to fix??


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(Yea search works)

Posted this on another post.


"Found a salution for this problem atleast on windows 10 (Maybe win 7-8).
When you get the error 4049 press CTRL+Alt + Del and go to information, there you will see the game client (Client.exe)
Mark it and delete it.

After i did this and even tested for 3 times now to see if it works the game starts without a problem.

(The game Guard thinks your playing with 2 clients.)
Hope it works for you aswell!"


This is what i do everytime i get the 4049 error (It's just gameguard pointing out that you cant use two clients that uses gameguard.)


Hope it works for you aswell!

There are more fixes out there but none of them (I mean NONE) works for me exept this and it just means i have to live with the error intill its fully fixed.


Can also be driver related (but i doubt it.)

Just GameGuard is always way to buggy most of the time to even be used.


Best regards.

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I've got a Logitech G910 Keyboard and after reinstalling windows 10 and all the needed drivers, I got this 4029 Error. The game didn't start a bit. Just the Launcher.

After some time investigating on the problem I installed the Logitech Gaming Software. Done this and rebooting and now the game starts without any error. Perhaps it could help someone.


But this seems to me, that BnS has a problem with or without keyboardsoftware. NCSoft should investigate onto this.

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