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tank classes

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BD does get skills to increase def as well and increase aggro, so yes it's another tank. The Destroyer as well can perform as a tank.


So far I haven't played BM myself, but a KFM tanks a single target (due to few AoE abilities) while the BD (& Destroyer) can tank multiple mobs due to most of the abilities being AoE. The BD (& Destroyer) need to burn down their enemies quickly due to a lack of 'block' or 'counter' skills however and will take more damage on average.


However, BnS often doesn't need much of a 'tank'. CC to stun, knock down, knock up, immobilize, etc tend to be far more effective then to actually 'tank' mobs in the classic sense. And as both a FM and Summoner if I go all out I will pull aggro from a boss in most cases (my lack of moonwater transformation stones hurts my damage output slightly). So everyone just needs to keep an awareness of the behavior of the mobs.

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