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Faction pvp lvl UNBALANCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I would like if there was a lvl balance when it comes to faction pvp. I want to do my faction quests and not get killed by a lvl 45 in a lvl 20-30 map..... It's really unfair.
Me and my fiance were farming points so we can get to a  new rank, he had  8 points and we were killing things for about 40 min to an hour than a lvl 45 comes and kills us both and he lost everything.. And all this lvl 45 says.. ''lol noobs'' . PLEASE make this more balanced... For example. lvl 10-15   lvl 15-20   lvl 20-25 and so on... If someone is like 5 lvls higher you cannot attack the player... something like this would make more sense. I don't care about the NPC, just the Players..... This is insanely aggravating and completely BORING! for New players and anyone trying to get full experience in this game.
I had  a few of my friends who paid for this game quit after that happened... it's just no fun. Insert other media

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