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Well you re lucky cause i have been able to play for 4 days now from crash at start lol  after i log on did the patch up date mind you i went to bed woke up and did the pact up date to get this crap,!!!!!!!!happening to me!!!!!!!! Thursday at 08:51John Thursday at 08:59 Ray Charles Thursday at 09:02 Zuab Thursday at 23:56 Jett Friday at 04:53 Elaine Encela Friday at 05:39  Mark Friday at 06:45  amihan Friday at 21:46    Marc Saturday at 02:54 but this guy doesn't read the report and thinks i playing  Once downloaded, double click executable to start the installation process. NOTE - Before moving on to step 3 please log into WildStar  ....Nel Saturday at 18:17  Jane Yesterday at 16:09   Mark Yesterday at 21:22 Al Today at 09:32 ...Also i have delete all flies of raze and reinstalled the game ..now i don't have  a Client-configuration in my NCSOFT folder now after the full down load  and this took 4 half hours ...lol   

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