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so this game only crashes hmm


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I completed the Update on the launcher and everything so i pressed Start Game. The logo comes up and i'm waiting for the game to start up, but it keeps on giving me the Crash Report before i can even get into the game. And then the logo stays there so i have to use Task Manager to End the Task for it. This has been happening for a day now. Any ideas?

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Sorry Zoconja! i'm on my fourth day of dealing with this issue. I've gone up and down the list of fixes, dealt with support to the completion of a ticket. Basically they're trying to fix it.

Jerard (Blade and Soul)

Jan 31, 02:19

Hello There,

We apologize for the recent crash and disconnection issues you experienced after the maintenance. Rest assured we are working hard on a fix for these issues.

In the meantime, you can try the suggested workaround posted in our knowledge base article about the recent crash and disconnection issues if you are using Razer peripherals:

If the work-around above doesn’t work, you can also try uninstalling your Razer software and restarting your PC as a temporary solution. Our team is currently working closely with Razer on a solution for these issues.

In addition, you can also check out to the following forum thread for potential fixes: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/162803-new-patch-supportfix-thread/?page=1

Unfortunately, outside of the above mentioned work-arounds, there is nothing more we can recommend at this point. Please keep an eye on our website and forums for future updates.

We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,

NCSOFT Support Team

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I'm having the same problem and i sent a ticket explaining my situation and i was told to delete my razer apps, uninstall Bitdefender, disable all start up apps  and set my client to run as administrator after going through multiple back and forth emails and my game still wont even load.

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ah check my ticket


So everyone knows or for the most its a razer problem


1 you need to go to Documents>NCWest>BnS>ClientConfiguration.xml

2 Delete the ClientConfiguration.xml and close it

3 Go to your BnS Game Folder > Bin > Game guard

4 Delete Gameguard  

5 do Windows Key + R and type MSCONFIG 

6 go to services and press Hide all microsoft  Services YOU NEED TO PRESS IT

7 after you mark it press disable All

8 now GO TO STARTUP and press Disable All ( you can mark/enable some programs you need)

9 Restart your PC

10 Go to your Task manager  > Services  then click the Service button down right

11 Search For Razer Chroma SDK (and Razer Game Cleaner if you got it)  Right click > properties

12 Change the startup type to automatic and press Start then ok do this to Razer Chroma SDK (and Razer Game Cleaner if you got it)

13 Here is the tricky part now open the game log in press play now and when you go to the PIN part Check Step 14

14 go back to Razer Chroma SDK (and Razer game cleaner if you got) change the startup type to Disabled and Press Stop then OK

Thats it!!

if you are able to join the game but got crashed every 5 min then start From Step 10 or skip step 5 - 8

the support of the game helped me a little (sorry but  Marc  the supporter is really ehh... need to train more ._. no offensive )

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