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Act 2 Chapter 40 Cant get back


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So in chap 40 I killed lusong then was gonna give mushin's legacy to the three sages. Then the sage was like choose carefully or something so I thought it was unlocking one of those locked skills so I dropped the legacy thing on the ground and went searching to see if chap 40 is where you unlock one of the locked skills. After few min I came back and the legacy thing was gone. Since I couldnt proceed to the next quest, I re-logged in thinking that it would solve the problem. When I logged in, I was back at the place where you kill 10 people and ride the bird. But there was no one there which made it impossible for me to proceed to the next quest.......


I also saw a similar one to this. The only difference was that the guy died to lusong and resulted in the same situation as mine. And that was during beta...

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