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How To Make A Gif Your Profile Picture Portrait In game


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On 1/30/2016 at 3:40 PM, AkameSatsugai said:

Hey guys, so alot of people have asked me how i made my portrait ingame a gif image so i made a tutorial on how to do it! 






i WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT VERSION OF PHOTOSHOP THAT U HAVE I HAVE A COPY BUT MY TIME LINE IS IN A DIFFERENT SPOT AND I CAN'T FIND THE . mAKE FRAM LARES BUTTON AT ALL.. so i  would like to know what capu of it youe have there are like 3 that i know of 

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Thanks for the guide on how you do it.  I'll have to reinstall Photoshop and give this a try, hopefully the version I have still works good for this. ( The one bundled with CS3 ) 


I'm at work right now so can't actually mess with it but if I wanted to take a dance vid and clip my character out to make a gif. Is that just a simple crop or is it more involved due to quantity of frames? ^^

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