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Need Help With My Lvl 22 Blade Dancer


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So i recently started playing BnS, and i don't have a good experience with MMOs (i've played like 2) and i have my level 22 Blade Dancer who i really enjoy playing, but it's hard playing even PvE with her. In the Blackram Narrows, i noticed i keep getting on like 50% health after a fight with 2 normal enemies. So i was wondering on how to help this, are there any good places to get good loot or level up fast? Also, how can i get more health (i'm sitting on about 1,500) and does anyone have a good PvE/Dungeon build? Thanks!

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Hello! I'm no expert on BnS or Blade Dancers but I was able to level up my Blade Dancer from doing daily quests.


As for the Blackram Narrows, are you doing that solo? If so, I highly recommend to join a 6-member party. With six people you guys will breeze right through it. It's nearly impossible to solo at the level you're at. Trust me, I tried and failed and failed...and failed XD


Eventually I joined a party and we finished in about 7-10 minutes c:


To get more HP, get Viridian Valor Stones from daily quests and trade them with the stone trader (next to the notice board where you accept daily quests) in Jadestone Village for Viridian Valor Soul Shields. The complete set gives you HP, Defense, and Critical bonus.


You can also get an extra 400 HP by defeating the Devourer (final boss in Blackram Narrows) ten times. I've done all that and have more than 3100 HP at lvl 24. But having a lot of HP means nothing if your defense is low, so look into fusing soul shields that will raise your defense and any other attributes you deem necessary.


Hope this helps!

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