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Hitbox and tickrate making it impossible to dodge properly


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I've noticed for a while now, how the tickrate and lag can make serious combat, or boss fights, almost impossible.

Fighting Wu Fang for instance, he throws bombs, and you "should" be able to simply out-move the throws, but some often you cannot.

Even though the client shows you that you moved out of the circle where the bomb drops, you still get hurt, and a lot of other examples like attacks of the circle on the ground.

It seems like the server is always a little step behind with the client, and therefor it feels like the server still thinks you're there but you're actually not.

Can this sync issue be fixed, or is there already being worked on this ?

Currently I am unable to defeat the leviathans, and I guess some people are able to defeat it, but it's very annoying for a lot of other people who has this issue as well.


Please explain us how to fix it, since my ping should be around 8ms to almost any server in Europe (Netherlands at least, my own server in Rotterdam hits 8ms ping).


Thanks !

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