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game crashed moving from act 1 to act 2, now cannot play game at all


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title says it all


5 hours ago I finished act 1 quests and moving area into act 2 (cut screen) and game crashed

since then when I log back in and choose that character the game freezes on entering the game then the game windows crashes as un-responsive


If I make a new char it loads into game fine, choose my original char and exact same issue, have clean installed to be sure it not at my end and makes no difference at all, already submitted a support ticket over 4 hours ago and no response.


wondering if anyone else had and resolved this issue?

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ok 2 days on and so far had the following replies from "support"


1. run dxdiag

2. run hijack this

3. release winsocks

4. game is being optimized so wait until all optimizations finish and see if char is then playable ( no time frame on this)

5. use the eustart.bat file to bypass launcher

6. do file repair

7. run sfc /scannow to repair any corrupt files


in 2 days they have done everything BUT actually look at the issue which is 100% guarantee to be a DATABASE issue, it appears that the "Support" section actually have no clue what they are doing, just putting this up here in case a CM manages to look at it and actually passes it to someone with more than 2 braincells to look into :/

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and now to add insult to injury after 3 days of tickets (and 24 hours without a reply) they have just banned my game account and my main account says "suspicious activity", the ONLY suspicious activity was me using the BAT file THEY told me to use rather than the NCLauncher


This so called "Support" is a total joke

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