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Help WIth Charactar


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Although this is how it is in other versions of the game, In this version this is really bad and I know has stopped alot of people playing because of having to wait one week, just to change to a class they would like to play more after levelling one and not liking it.


In other versions it is not as big a issue as you start with more character slots from the beginning, even the RU version you start with 4 slots but this version 2 slots is really bad considering the wait time for deleting one character, bad decision by NC in my opinion here, we should have at least 4 slots players having more charcters would mean they are more likely to buy more costumes and vanity things it would generate I'm sure more income for NC, but guess they dont see it that way.


Currently this system is stopping players from playing the game, especially new players to the game whom have never played it before, obviously they have no idea how each class works and which they will enjoy the most

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