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System error. Please try again (42)


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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I've never had to make a post with a problem before x]

Since the last maintenance we had (The 5 hours one) I've been disconnecting alot from the game, just last night i was just doing my daily dgn runs and suddenly had a huge lag spike and d/c.

 (This happen to me as well with the 3 hour maintenance before the 5 hour one) I click on the launcher , Log in and then i always have to enter in a '' verify ''  code. But now im always stuck on this is with a error.



Last time this happen to me i  just left it alone and the next day i woke up and everything was fine. :/


EDIT:: Omgs! Thanks to this post i just read i was able to get past this, BUT! my game sill wont launcher? @0@ : 


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