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Summoner Train skills Bug - Beckon (Recall cat)


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While i've been many time while fighting with Kungfu Master, when they stunned me, i can't  use beckon skill which said is available for use while stunned.https://images-1.discordapp.net/.eJwNyTsOwyAMANC7cACMDeWTm2REBJFUSUHYmarevZne8L7qnqda1C4yeAHYDi59bpqlz9yqbr23s-ZxsC79giySy37VjzCkSEiILnmKnkw0gM5SMNaFZ3yIr2RhXcmgN2gR02PU79HU7w8FuyMO.sv9ODQvlnPMGIT4a7Sg7-oe7Zfs.jpg?width=400&height=267

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