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Quest Bug [Depleted Goldmine] [Defeat Ba Dun]


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Details: Quest Bug
Importance: Medium/Majour (Based on personal opinion)
The quest "Major Rescue", obtained from Buyong in Darkshade Forest, has a minor issue.
In the Quest Tracker, you are tasked with completing the objectives of:
Defeat Gu Du at the Depleted Gold Mine
Defeat Ba Dun at the Depleted Gold Mine
Defeat Ug Li at the Depleted Gold Mine

When i defeat Gu Du it seems fine, although there are some system crash. After i when to fight Badun and stand close to him. My BnS screen hang and then crashes and please refer screenshot. (https://unsee.cc/netodari/) <- image will dissapear within one hour. Another link added (https://goo.gl/photos/Eqoovhu1jSh3XgEN9)

What happened when this Bug/Glitch occurred:
I was approaching Ba dun and the my BnS screen freezes. Other applications working fine. Only BnS is hang. This happened many times already, and i cant get thought the level due to this bug/issue.

Re-Creating the Bug/Glitch:
Go to depleted gold mine. Find Ba Dun, fight him or get close to him. Software crashes. So far i searched thsi issue in google. but none found.
In Summary:
I deem the importance Medium to Majour, because someone might having this issue and not found any solution to any. Please advise/assist on this issue so we can proceed on further action.Your help is very much appreciated.

Thanks for checking in on this matter.netodari

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