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How i made it work for me (not really happy)


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Meant for players who can actually load pass the character screen

basically after loading into the game so i can play i encounter some issue like dcing  when going into instances (rooms/houses/dungeons) way i "kinda" fixed the dc issue is stand like 5m from doors and allow the content to load pass the door about 30 seconds to 1 min will work maybe longer for some areas ( now i know this isnt a fix but it works until ncsoft can actually fix the issuess) also if u know u dc alot  stay away from character change option as it  gives u a load screen that dcs u almost always dont worry about chat as it seems u get ur chat functions back at lvl 11 wish is total bull ( method for removing spam from gold seller  force all newbs to not have any chat options until lvl 11)


anyways idk if this will work for u but it might and u wont have to change  any of ur setting that u used on other games


forgot to add  if ur launcher  takes awhile to go pass the "Repair file" part just restart it until it breezes past it 

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