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Force Master


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Alright I wanna start with a greetings to u all readers!.


    I just need some tips for force master this is what I am having issues with:

1) I started really strong in the arena, many newbs did not knew how to break cc and I perma locked them with frost, but eventually I started getting better players  and many lvl 45's ( i am lvl 38 atm ) I have a basic understanding of my ccs and my limited combo ( cuz of level) and I figured mobility is a must for this class . All is good there, but  in some matches ,  the opponent seems to be evading most of my attacks, all  I see on some of my opponents its resist, counter or block all the time, I though I needed more accuracy and I switched some soul shields and stuff, but I keeep getting reket by resistance, block and counter, eventually I end up spending to many focus and not getting them back ( even with frost bullets than restore focus on crit) and everything goes down hill from there. I try to set up my combos but, skills wont event apply chill effects or embers with they get resisted, m I missing something?, maybe its my gear, soulshield? Any tips with force master will be greatly appreciated ( stats, soul shields,  anything in gerenal) and thanks in advance.

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I don't know from where to start...FM is complicated class and need to change skills literally against everyone,


To counter ther block use Snowball middle branch total 4 points.Work good vs bm,destro,LBM.

To fight KFMs I use tornado instead.

^ against those I use yellow tab middle branch.Ice tab middle branch.LBM is exception socketing yellow tab first branch and 4 on range

Against summoner I use 2 first branch 3 points total,yellow tab first branch,snowball first branch,ice tab 3rd branch and 1 to block ranged skills.

Against assasins I use again 2 on first branch,yellow tab on stun(3rd branch).

Against FM I uce again 1 to block ranged skills,3 on stun,yellow tab first branch,etc.


Is alot of practice and not so easy class for pvp but once you learn it it really pays off.I had a lot of practice in Taiwan and trust me once you learn is really rewarding class.


Watch youtube and streamers - alot to learn from good streamers.Watch bevv for example.

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??? . . .  Arena or Open World lmao. . . I'm confused? Gear and soul shields don't play a role in arena lol. . . Second, please hit 45 before you make these posts. Too many people complain when they're lvl 20 and pvping, with massive talent point and ability disadvantage lol. Time and experience plays a big factor to this games pvp system. I, for one, need more time and experience to become a better player. Figure out class abilities and what to do when they use certain cooldowns. I'm not a FM (KFM instead), so I can't help you with class specific things (giving you class specific tips), but yeah, if I were you, I would watch videos like the poster above me said. That isn't the main focus though of the learning process. The most important thing that I would do is analyze why certain things are happening in arena matches (if this whole post refers to arena, otherwise it would be a waste lol). During the actual arena match, if you're losing. . . Find out why you're losing? Is it because you aren't using your cooldowns correctly? Is the opponent aggressive with his or her class? Passive? Find out their play style and adjust accordingly. . . Then analyze at the organic level of things. What skill aren't you countering well or avoiding/resisting? What is most effective against the player and the class he or she is playing? Am I using my Trinket (TAB) too early? The questions go on and on. The point is play and keep learning from experience while gaining knowledge from actually playing or watching videos of high rated players.

Experience pays off and learn from your mistakes.

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