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Maybe a fix to (2000)(132,10054)


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Hey guys I have been talking to the support team at NCSOFT about this issue, while trying different things I found one of the programs they asked me to download "Speccy" did something weird. When I log into Blade & Soul Character login screen it did the normal "freezing up" but when I hit the windows button to open my start search and opening Speccy, I let it run for 4 second then click back into blade n soul and the character login screen unfroze itself like nothing had happen. Neither NCSOFT nor I know why this is working like that but it is but a TEMPORARY FIX, I have to use this every time I log in game. But hey it work right I can play the game. I am still trying to help NCSOFT work through this problem for the permeant fix until then I thought I would let you know what has worked for me. Now I do not know if this will work for everyone so I am sorry if it doesn't; I thought it was better to let you try something than do nothing.


also this is the link to download Speccy->  http://www.piriform.com/speccy/download/standard


I hope this helps some of you out! see you know game!!!


From, The Assassin on Jiwan!

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this could  be the permanent fix. this has worked for me so I'm hoping it works for everyone else. and yes this was someone NCSOFT support got me to try.



I'd like for you to attempt a clean installation of the client. The following instructions will allow you to change the installation location of Blade and Soul without having to reinstall. To start we need to back up your Blade and Soul files so we do not have to download the entire game client again.


Locate your old Blade and Soul game folder. By default, this should be C:\Program Files(x86)\NCSOFT or something like D:\Games

Rename this folder to "Blade and Soul.old"

Click "Start" then "Control Panel" then click on "Uninstall a program."

Uninstall Blade and Soul (if listed) and uninstall any version of the launcher listed. NCsoft Launcher or NCSOFT Game Launcher.

Install the new NCSOFT Game Launcher from this link: http://download.bladeandsoul.com/BnS_Lite_Installer.exe

Right-click "BnS_Lite_Installer.exe " and select "Run as Administrator." This will start the installation process.

Select the installation location you had Blade and Soul installed to previously but renamed in step 2. Example, D:\Games\Blade and Soul

Once the "Blade and Soul " installation has completed, you will be prompted to install to the NCSOFT Game Launcher. Note: You will not have the option to change the installation location of the launcher. It must be C;\Program Files(x86)\NCWest\Launcher (Requires about 5MB)

Once the installation of the NCSOFT Game Launcher has completed, you will be prompted to "update" Blade and Soul . At this point, close the launcher.

Navigate to your Blade and Soul installation folder, which should show 2 different Blade and Soul folders. Blade and Soul and Blade and Soul.old.

Delete "Blade and Soul " and rename "Blade and Soul .old" to "Blade and Soul ."

"Right-click" the newly created Blade and Soul shortcut on your desktop and select "Run as Administrator."

At this point, the NCSOFT Game Launcher should scan the new folder and begin the patching process. Once completed, Blade and Soul should start automatically.




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Tried this fix and had no luck what-so-ever.


We were able to get connected via a VPN though. The connection speed is not good enough to play on but it does prove to us at least that the issue is not the install on the PC.


For our issue we are leaning in the direction of some type of IP block being put in place when they made the changes on 02-04-2016. I know others have been having this issue for a longer period of a time but this is our best guess. I brought this to the attention of CS. Though I have been alluding to this for awhile not and have not gotten much traction with them.


I feel like they want to help, but they are locked into asking basic questions and those questions are ignoring the facts that for us the issue began after they did something.

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