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so, are all costumes gonna be like this?


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I usually play a female character and, well, like picking a good outfit, mix and match outfits ...

I accepted the fact you can't combine outfits but all the outfits that are coming out seem to be someones fetish...


Even tough they look ok on first glance, when you buy them and use them, after a while you realize the inconveniences. Either it's to short or some pieces are just missing with no reason aside just to show more skin. You don't even realize that the first time you look at the costume. Even after you find out and you want something different, there aren't really any good choices

So many people bought blue porcelan one of the more acceptable costumes, the skirt is to short tough but i might buy it to because there is not that much to buy.


Thought we will have better outfits later, but from what i see posted on the forum from other version of the game they seem to be the same. (long t-shirt for valentine? really?)


The costume I liked the most in beta, was removed from launch ( the one from premium shop bought with viridian stones). Why not give us all costumes from the start? Are they hard to translate? or maybe you just want to reuse them every year as a special offer instead of adding new costumes


Also this game is based on wuxia from what I read, the same as moonlight blade. Why are the costumes so different between these 2 games? Can't we get more traditional costumes, or something people would actually were on the street?

Aion costumes and armor were also good. I understand bns has a different background but some current costumes are outside lore as well.


Well, don't mind me, just ranting.

Even if someone hears me out. By the time a good costume will come, I would probably be on the next game.

thanks for whoever reads this lol



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I getcha, which is why I ended up choosing Lyn race. There's almost zero sexualized costumes for them. I get that not everyone wants to play Lyn tho, they're pretty specific + not all classes. I do hope we get less revealing costumes for the rest of the races soon :/ It's not like I hate it when anyone wears them ofc, they just make me personally uncomfortable. So here's to hoping !

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The game has been out for 5yrs and all the costumes that are out up to this point are hosted on multiple sites with the preview and ability to preview it as if you're in-game. Should look at 'em B&S is one of those games where less = more even though it's just an outfit and only your weap/accessories matter.

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They're fantasy outfits -- they tend to show a lot of skin and be crazy and over the top. I like them, for the most part. They're sexy while still looking badass. Some of them are impractical because they cover very little and some of them are impractical b/c you're covered in belts and ropes and statues and bells and ribbons and horns. It's fantasy.


There are a lot of outfits that are in the shops or gotten through storyline that cover you up if that's what you want. Just avoid the ones that don't. You can shift click to preview them before you buy or even put them on.

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I personally love overly sexualized fantasy outfits for my characters (not because I look at them, but because it's just...more fun and maybe empowering), it's part of what draws me to games. I don't want to wear something I'd wear IRL in a game. I want to wear a fantasy outfit on a fantastically gorgeous lady in a fantasy world.


There are several (some quite easily obtainable) costumes for each race that aren't particularly sexualized for you to choose from, especially if you play a Jin or Yun. The Yun cover much more skin and look "classier" and the Jin in general are slightly more conservative in most costumes. Basically, just don't play a Gon and you have plenty of non-slutty choices.

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Honestly, I feel like you didn't try to learn anything about the game before you decided to play a female.  This is your fault and it is not up to the developers to cater to your whims.  Play what you are comfortable with or it would just be better to leave.  


Also, I've seen plenty of females wearing outfits that weren't revealing...so I'm not sure what there is to complain about.


I like the art style and the costumes are well done, revealing or not. 



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14 minutes ago, Taimatsu said:

This is why you preview the costume before you buy.

By previewing you only get an idea. After using it for hours your opinion might change. Example I liked autumn costume on yun in preview, but it didn't clicked when playing the character. On some other costume i began notice more details which i previously overlooked


3 minutes ago, Dradiinmmo said:

Pretty sure one of the main draws to this game is the portrayal of the females in the game, they are based on the artwork of a known Hentai artist.

It is kind of anathema to not want sexually explicit outfits in this game. 

I heard he was famous, but didn't knew he made hentai. I don't want costumes removed, I'm not against reveling outfits. I'm not forced to use those. I just want more options.  Don't you see a problem if all costumes are design by 1 person or a team with similar taste?


4 minutes ago, Telzen said:

There are outfits that aren't that revealing already in the game. Not sure what you want.

only a few . Some aren't even good looking. There are more or less a hundred costumes in the game. I like less than 10. That includes some pvp costumes, but can't use them because obvious reasons, and some "revealing" outfits which are acceptable to me. The only reason I would get other costume besides those is for collection.

Also the costumes you get via transmuting don't even count. Unless you want to spend hundreds of euro (maybe exaggerating, but expensive nonetheless).

By like, i mean i would use them. In the entire game, I love just 2 costumes, one was in beta and not available now, and the other is pvp so yeah...


I have 3 characters. Each has an unique costume in mind. I wish i had more alternatives as I already got bored using same costume for 2 weeks on my assassin. Don't have anything to aim for to be honest.


I made a clan just to prepare and craft my own costume when we can, but it seems that is far away.

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Female lyn is the only female that isn't sexualized. I see what you mean though, as a girl I always either play male characters or girls that are not sexualized. Nothing against skimpy/sexy outfits, I think that they can be empowering and obviously a lot of people like them so its not like I want them removed or anything. I just prefer "cute" over sexy and would like to have more options.

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Honestly, if you hit f3, there are plenty of conservative costumes to choose from.


Asian Costumes:

ethereal phantom, covers pretty much everything 

Pure Evil is another very well covered suit. 

Moonlight's another one.

Heavenly on all except gon

Worried about short dresses? Dark Scholar's got you covered

Snowy night- the Oriental version of sweatpants and a baggy coat




The old stratus empire armor, available relatively early in the game, is pretty legitimate in terms of protective look/feel. 

Stratus empire uniform - don't go into battle without protection for your guts. 

Burning Flames covers everything on everyone and looks pretty badass.


Granted, there isn't a whole lot of armor in the game, but this is true across both sexes. At least the functional looking armor ones exist. 



And not enough costumes is always going to be a problem. Always. I personally like the sexy costumes. I like boobies. And yet I don't like most of the costumes because they don't fit my character concept I have in mind. There's only one outfit I'd really wear for a long time on my Yun, and that's ivory spectre. And I've accepted that. 


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Its common place for most guys to play as girl characters. And I cant tell you how many times ive heard guys say they play female characters purely to look at their pixel boobs / ass. The devs are just trying to cater to their target demographic. Ive always played a male tho.. so it doesn't really effect me.

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12 minutes ago, LagIncarnate said:

Guess I probably shouldn't tell you about the swimsuit for Lyn that gives the Lyn females boobs then... I'm sure that the guy who made that other topic about wanting Lyn boobs will be happy though.

P.S. Yes they have jiggle physics.


Ive seen it. Soulmate for female lyn kinda looks like lingerie too, and I'm sure there are a few others like that too. What I mean is that 90% of lyn's outfits are non-sexualized

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When you stop to do research on the artist for this game, you'll find that it's Hyung-Tae Kim and he is known for his sexy female characters. I really like the art of the females and I hope they continue to bring out more sexy and revealing outfits (for Gon females anyways).


The term sexualization has become too generalized. Too many people now a days are quick to be offended by a woman's body showing skin.

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