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People abusing bid system to over bid for an item then quit to avoid paying


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There is a common strategy where people are sneaking in 1 gold bids for items hoping someone will hit the bid button without noticing.

The problem is that when they fail their strategy and get stuck with the 1 gold bid, they leave party.

When this happens, the player no longer has to pay their high bid, the current bid is stuck over priced, and the item winds up being destroyed since no one is willing to bid higher than the ridiculous price the scammer put up.

I've attached a picture blow that shows a person doing this and leaving when no one out bid him.

I accidentally closed the bid window so it doesn't show that the auction resulted in "bid failed", but you can see that he bid 1 gold higher than the current bid and left when he lost.



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I fell victim to this because sometimes I press "Y" too quickly. We were at a dungeon and this shitty item drops, one of those super shitty items that most people wont even pick up --but I needed it for a breakthrough. Ended up paying 1g for an item thats like 1 bronze maybe.

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