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Assassin T position bug


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This is a weird bug I ran in to, it only happened once so far with my assassin character.

Basically I was at the Ancient Ossuary and was killing the mobs there, when suddenly my character froze in a T position, and occasionally would do the swimming animation without actually going anywhere, as if swimming like a fish in mid air. I could not turn the camera, could only move sideways and front/backwards and the character would keep looking dead ahead. I tried engaging combat but the problem persisted and I ended up dying, hilariously still in the T position.

Here is an image:


When in combat, combat animations worked just fine as long as my character had the enemy conveniently in front.

The reviving animation worked just fine as well. Upon reviving the issue was fixed.


Thank you for your time

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Happen to me once at Arena. Did you used Shadow Slip? There's many people complaining about that skill as an assassin.

If you happen to have same ossue again, try using your Lotus Flower to reset your character model position.

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