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Destroyer vs all 7 classes in the Arena


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Hi, i decided to document my Arena expiriences on youtube. I made a playlist of 10 Arena games: 

find all 7 matchups with a double matchup vs KFM Assasin and Destroyer.

Should it interest you, have a watch.
I found the Arena to be extremely fun. I much more enjoyed the close games / losses,  to the one sided stomps where i just got a EQ combo for 6s, or where i got silenced by Forcemaster for most of the match. 

I know i missed many many oppertunities to 'Retreat' with F and i still don't completely understand the abilities available to me during crowd controls (other than TAB herdurperdadurh) and there are lots of areas in which i need to improve. So if you feel i deserve a good ol' roasting, please do! I'd still value your insight.

- Krassi

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