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So many Gold spammers.


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So i was doing Yehara Mirage Daily Encrouching Darkness Quest and you know fighting off the shadow warriors. When I noticed that my ping was in the high 800's and my FPS was down to about 7. but my chat bar is going stir crazy with all those bot spammers spamming buy 129 US/EU for like 10gold. You know it's great this game is out it's nice it's new...and it's already ruined by the consumer community. You made it really easy to get money. Just run dailies. But it's already flooded with buggy account programs. I've had to reconfirm my IP like 11 times now because some Keylogger tried to steal my account. This is why we can't have nice things. I've paid for Premium so I get to log in faster. But the game is crashing around me and I feel like I've wasted my money and my hopes on a game that was fairly awesome but has already been corrupted by BS.
I'm really really hopeful about Fixes in the future but I'm just disenfranchised about the whole thing at the moment.

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