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Crashing again because of new patch


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Okay cool so i disabled my chroma sdk and everything was awesome and the game was working fine again... now i'm starting to crash all over again because of this new patch...

I managed to get it working by re-enabling the chroma sdk but i'm back to crashing every few minutes because of this bull shit, I already tried the the whole thing where you edit the client config and the game still crashes over and over and over again. I dont *cricket*ing know whats going on anymore... its like they want us to crash over and over and over again.

If anyone has a fix it would be greatly appreciated. 


Well since there hasn't been a new patch to fix this i somewhere (not sure where, sorry i cant remember) found a semi fix. Ctrl + Del and go to services and turn on chroma sdk, when in game turn it off. Crashed once after 2 hours of gameplay. 

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