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Money from quest is not what we are getting.


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Spend quiet a few copper traveling. I make it up by doing quests and dailies.

Was going around today figuring out why I keep losing so much money and have so little to do anything. Everyday I do the dailies to make money, as I enjoy it.


NCSoft sure make you lose money and not seeing this is a terrible bug? This has to be a top priority to have it fixed,

I know NCSoft will not reimburse anyone for lose of funds.


This is happening with all the quests I do. This quest as you can see rewards 40c, but you only get 26c. EXP is correct.

Another quest The Looming Threat reward 26c, gives 9c. That did not even pay for the cost of travel.


When I exit out of game this morning, says I lost 6s 36c. That is not a small amount to lose.



Please anyone else check too see if you are getting the correct amount of money from quests and dailies.



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