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Some serious Bugs after maintenance EU server


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All chat is gone now. no matter what i type nor my friends type it won't appear in any chat. nothing shows up at all after the maintenance. EU server


everyone is speechless..the only thing that works is the 'Say' chat


also. In cross Dungeon your face and avatar won't show up during party


and in F7. if you list your party you party won't appear on the list. 


alot of bugs that needs to be addressed

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the chat issue is not a issue is their fix to gold seller spam .... lol

As any patch before this happen usually when 1) there is no ptr where try patch 2)NCwest is not the developer of the patch so they don't know nothing about bugs and other bad things. I hope they will try next patch in order to end the bad loop 1) deploy patch 2) read tons of bug report  3) ask to developer to hotfix issue 4) translate in english 5) deploy the hotfix  :P

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