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end of moonwater main quest bug


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After defeating the enemy in front of the soul mine at the end of the Moonwater storyline (before you head to skygate and talk to Mushin in the end). The general or captain "Hogom" or the name of the person coming out of the soul mine bugged out for me when I try to talk to him. He stayed behind the soldiers walking out and stayed just in front of the soul mine. spamming "why did -so and so- betray us.....". I had to reload the instance by running to skygate and come back to be able to talk to him.


I have 15-20 fps lag since I don't have a good computer, so maybe it was just me. (Didn't encounter this in closed beta).



So i just followed the storyline, fighting the enemy in the brightstone occupation. I ran to soulstone and skipped a few enemies while fight the ones that followed through. I beat the traitor (name starts with D) and his hp was gone after I chain stunned him and he recovered like 20% before tp out. The "Hogom" guy comes out, he bugs out and stands where he appears and I was unable to talk to him to progress. I ran to skygate looking for an instance reset, and ran back to the soulmine. The guy now properly stands in front of the soldiers that was walking out of the mine with him.

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