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Really NcSoft? Chat is broken.


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Found this thread via google search.


Is it working as intended that my characters are completely unable to talk in /say, /p, /clan, unable to emote... NOTHING?? More recent posts suggest they "fixed" the issue from the OP but something is seriously wrong...

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In order to stop spammers, you must 'be' the spammer and learn where they go to spam.


Do they spam and multi-task? Possibly doing so with the dragon union npcs to buy and sell goods in order to make currency?

If so, a fix for these sorts of multi-tasking bots can be simple:


Remove regional and faction chat from being freely used by anyone, and create a bugle item which is sold in general stores for 50 coppers, which is used to 'shout' into regional chat at 50 coppers for 100 use. Faction chat requires you to wear the uniform.


It's possible that bots are 'shouting' into regional chat from a instance that can't be located, such as cross-server dungeon lobby.

If you don't click on any missions to join, you technically are in a instanced chatroom.

Making regional messages cost 0.5 copper per message, or based on a 'subscription' use will put a dent into bots that spam them over and over again.


Maybe instead of making a bugle work for x amount of times, actually work for x amount of minutes after it's activated?


50 copper for 5 minutes of regional chat use. Once enabled, it's timer starts draining.


Though the latter is TOO lenient on regional chat spamming and botters would simply revise the pacing of the spam to adapt.


So some kind of 'cost' can damage bots from utilizing region chat to spam, the question is what.


If you lock regional chat to VIP, or upon completion of act 2: chapter 17, bots would be forced to adapt by grinding and growing their characters in order to spam, but in this case, it makes them more easy to weed out because they would be spending more time grinding and less time spamming. If a developer takes a few minutes to remove 1 bot, it takes the botters several hours to create another one (with spammable features).


Even if botters tries to 'multi-task' level grinding with 10?50?100 bots, if the developer removes the same numbers within minutes, it renders their tactics moot.

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